Why Black Lives Matter

Why Black Lives Matter

May 30, 2020

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I’ve been reluctant to speak up about this because of the fact that although I am a person of color, I don’t have the capacity to understand being black in America. If you haven’t seen what’s going on in America, protests have escalated to riots and the destruction of properties. While some may disagree with the culmination of events, particularly those advocating peaceful demonstrations, I cannot emphasize enough that all of this is merely an explicit revealing of years of oppression in the United States, specifically for Black Americans, which, to a large degree has been exacerbated by COVID19.

The fact of the matter is is that neither white men, nor I, will experience life with the constant possibility and threat that life may end because of the color of my skin — and this is the ultimate circumstance that Black Americans have faced and continue to face today. Protesting, rioting, and looting then, is merely an expression of the consequences of Law and Authority failing to maintain the contract that all citizens in a society assume peace and order. This wasn’t the case for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, or George Floyd. A violation of the law should NEVER result in death without trial and in this case, the color of your skin shouldn’t either. But for years, this is the reality of life for Black Americans.

One can argue with statistics about crime rates in Black communities but that argument is void and out of context, especially due to this being the consequence of history — a consequence of hundreds of years of oppression, discrimination, and stereotyping. And as an Asian American, I too understand the privilege I have — it was evident by officer Tao Thou, an Asian officer who merely WATCHED as Floyd would fight for his breath. In times like these, it’s our RESPONSIBILITY to stand up for a more perfect world in a country that’s deeply flawed in all aspects both systemically and culturally. The ugly history of my country, the United States of America, in respect to the systemic oppression of Black Americans, requires upfront confrontation, consolation, reconcilation, followed by full compensation. The Black community is DONE waiting. Support the fight for justice or step out of the damn way. #BLM

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