Anonymous Posts

Anonymous Posts

Today, we’re introducing version 3.0.18 with awesome updates for Nanolens:

• Press and hold the send button for more send options including permanent, expiring, or anonymous posts. If you tag other members in a party, they will know that you’ve tagged them.

• Zodiac Signs: You can now see someone’s sign in their profile if they’ve added their birthday in settings.

• Chat Details: You can now add up to 100 people to a chat, change its name, and view sent photos and videos.

How To Send Anonymous Posts

Nanolens defaults to identity within your community. But sometimes, there are cases where you might want to express yourself without risking your identity for proper conversation. Anonymous posts enable you to do just that. To send one, press and hold the red send button from the bottom of the message bar. When you pick a send option, the send button will animate according to your selected option.