Managing Parties

Managing Parties

This story outlines how you can best manage your party on Nanolens.

What’s a Party?

Before we dive into how you can start your own party, first, it’s a good idea to describe what a party is:

Parties on Nanolens are private or public groups for close friends or communities. You can add up to 100 admins to manage a party and an unlimited number of members can join a party.

How To Start A Party

When you first open Nanolens, the app launches to your Home screen, which presents posts sent to parties you’re a member of in chronological order. To start a new party, tap the party button at the top right:

The app will present a new screen for you to start your party and add a few things:

1. Name: Party names on Nanolens are unique and limited to 30 alphanumeric characters.

2. Description: Describe what your party’s about — this is limited to 100 characters.

3. Photo: Add a header photo for your party — this is required.

4. Admins: Add your friends to admin this party. Up to 100 admins are allowed in a party.

5. Privacy: Pick whether a party is open to the public or private to close friends only.

Private vs. Public Parties

Private parties on Nanolens are closed groups best suited for close friends or family, universities, and generally smaller groups. If you’re not a member of a private party, you won’t be able to see (1) the admins or members of the party and (2) posts sent in that party. To accept membership requests for parties, open the Inbox screen by tapping the messages button at the top right of the screen.

Public parties on Nanolens are open groups best suited for partaking discussions in specific interests, large-scale communities for an event, and generally larger groups. Anyone can join a public party and will be able to see (1) the admins or members of the party and (2) posts sent in that party.

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