Community-Powered Image Search

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Image search, powered by communities.

Get useful and actionable results for your photos and videos with a swipe or a tap. Or, create your own results for your friends.

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What Can Nanolens Do?

Detect Objects

■ Detect friends in your photos and videos.

■ Detect celebrities from films and media.

■ Search for similar objects on the web.

■ Discover relevant places such as restaurants or businesses nearby.

Extract Text

■ Copy text.

■ Add events to calendar if dates were detected.

■ Call phone numbers if they were detected.

■ Open Apple/Google Maps if addresses were detected.

■ Open links if URLs were detected.

Nanopages For Anything

Create a Nanopage for any photo, video, or topic you care about. Nanopages may be a part of anyone's image-search results.

Explore Communities

Join a Nanopage and be a part of a community. Share relevant posts such as photos, videos, messages, links, and more. Pin your posts before they expire.

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