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We made Nanolens because people grow into and out of their social groups but there weren’t any products out there that enabled this. Ultimately, we realized there were 2 big problems with group interactions:

I. Groups Disband By Nature

- We know when an interaction ends in person when people part ways. But digitially, this isn't as obvious. How do you end a conversation without leaving someone on read?
- As people, we grow into and out of our social groups but we’re often serve notifications from online groups that we’ve grown out of and this can get annoying.

II. Group Interactions Can Be Overwhelming

- Because conversations are tangential by nature, important information is often buried in a group interaction.
- Joining or leaving different groups can feel uncomfortable or akward because the group’s values stay the same while you might’ve changed.


Nanolens is a new social network for disbanding parties. Make private or public parties that last a day, week, month, or forever.

Private and Public Parties

Make private parties for close friends and public parties for communities.

Threads For Disappearing and Permanent Posts

Start a conversation for a post in parties you're a member of — Views instead of likes. Threaded replies, instead of comments. Friends and members instead of followers.

Compose Once, Send Everywhere

Create a post or message and send it to multiple parties and friends at the same time.

Sign Up Once, Join Any Party

Make an account once and join any public party or request to join a private party.

Curated Profiles

Nanolens is NOT another messaging app. We're a social network and we encourage our communities to curate their real identities to establish credibility.


Our mission @nanolens is to stir fires. Here’s what we mean by that: The most important aspects of our lives reolve around 2 important questions:

1. Who do I want to get together?

2. Why are we coming together?

Bringing people together with a common purpose isn’t easy. Sometimes, doing this takes time and the purpose might not even be clear at all. But, when you’ve got the right people together, the purpose becomes clear.

And we make tools to help you discover your who and why. Because no one great has ever done it alone. So, we’ve got your back.

Fires can't be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men.
- James Baldwin

Full Product Description & Features

 Create parties that last a day, week, month, or forever.
 For close friends, make private parties. To build communities, make public parties.
 Give your party a unique name and description and invite your friends to join via Messages.

 Post photos, videos, links, stickers, moments, or messages in a party.
 To send posts that disappear, press and hold the send button (arrow pointing up) from the message view.
 Tag your friends with "@" and link other parties with "#" in your posts or messages.
 See who viewed your posts and create threads for a post with a reply or sub-reply.
 Add members as friends to see their posts, memberships, or send them private messages.

 Discover other related parties based on what's in a photo or video.
■ Detect QR codes, celebrities, friends, places, or take action with text from any photo or video.
■ Find relevant places such as restaurants or businesses nearby.
■ Search for related objects on the web.

Shake the app to invite a friend, leave a review, or send feedback.

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