Nanolens | Community

Community Guidelines

Nanolens is a new social network made for community. We made Nanolens to enable you to bring people together around a common purpose. We’re transforming the way communities communicate by adding a layer of ephemerality and anonymity when sending posts to your parties.

With parties created on Nanolens, we’re expecting new kinds of community dynamics to occur. When people come together, some amazing things can happen. But, to prevent some of the more dangerous things from happening, we’ve outlined the Do’s and Don’ts when using Nanolens.


1. Be a “Yardstick” of Quality 📏

Do share quality content. Our idea of quality is different from other social networks. On Nanolens, the content is limited to the topic of the party. For example, if you’re part of the party, #Sleep you’ll most likely see content related to sleep.

2. Be Respectful 🎖

Don’t harass or attack others verbally or emotionally without a reasonable premise. We understand that people from various walks of life use Nanolens and have different perspectives, ideas, and values. Despite the differences, it’s a good idea to be respectful and kind.

3. Be Original 🤔

The best way to be original is to be yourself! Although being yourself can take a lot of courage, proactively engaging in a party and contributing your thoughts can be incredibly valuable. This is also how you make true friendships — by being yourself.

4. Mute People Or Parties 🔇

We understand that some accounts or parties may annoy you, harass you, or make you uncomfortable. If another person or the contents of a party makes you uncomfortable we encourage you to mute them. To mute another user, tap the options button (•••) at the top right and tap Mute. To mute a party, tap the mute button located at the top of the party’s header and tap Mute.

5. Have Fun 🤾‍♀️

Do have fun. As we grow older, we forget what it means to play. But, it simply means having fun and losing track of time. Expand your horizons and see the world through a different lens via the diverse parties you’re proud to be a member of.


1. Spam, Con, or Harass Others 🐹

Please be respectful of others and their privacy. Others may report you and if we receive a certain threshold of these reports, we may permanently ban you from using our products or services.

2. Use Hate Speech 👄

Verbal or non-verbal interactions targeted towards people of color, and any non-white person or group based on nationality, ethnicity, medical—disability, sexual orientation and or gender, or religion is prohibited. If we deem any kind of content violating this, we will take it down and may take precautionary measures to contact or ban the poster from using Nanolens.

3. Share Illegally Prohibited Content 🚫

This includes but isn’t limited to:

• Terrorism

• Violence or Gruesome Content

• Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

• Pornography or Sexually Explicit Content

Producing or consuming sexually explicit content shared in private parties amongst members who are not of legal age is illegal by California State Law. If we deem anything to be a violation of this rule and or law, we’re going to ban both the party and members permanently from the app. Don’t try to make a new account and do this again because we’ll find out and it won’t work. If the circumstances are defined to be serious, we may also take legal measures and contact your local law enforcement.

Please contact us if you see content you’ve created shared by another person on Nanolens. We’ll make sure to work on it ASAP and resolve all issues you have. Please review our infringement policy in our terms and conditions or privacy policy for more information.

With ❤️,