What Can Nanolens Do?

          Nanolens is a visual search app made by groups. You can use Nanolens to detect celebrities, friends, places, text, and more. Here's a partial list of what it can do:

          ■ Detect celebrities.
          ■ Detect friends in a photo or video automatically with Face Match.
          ■ Search for related objects or products on the web.
          ■ Discover relevant places such as restaurants or businesses nearby.
          ■ Detect any QR Code.

          EXTRACT TEXT
          ■ Add events to the calendar if dates were detected.
          ■ Call phone numbers if they were detected.
          ■ Open Apple/Google Maps if addresses were detected.
          ■ Open links if URLs were detected.

          and more...

Does Nanolens Store My Face Data?

          Nope. We get this question a lot. We don't store face data such as landmarks, vertices/points, and more on our servers. 
          We simply compare a user's face with their profile photo — and all of this happens on the app. 
          You can always disable this in "Settings" or from your account. Simply tap the "Disable Facematch" button and the app won't compare your face.

How Did Nanolens Get Featured on Product Hunt?

          It was an accident. We agreed to launch on a different day, but by the time we launched, we forgot to reschedule it.
          We discovered it was featured on PH when we tried to "delete" the launch ourselves and the PH Staff informed us they couldn't
          because it was already featured on their socials and their newsletter.

I'm An Influencer. Can I Get an Invite Code?

            That depends. Nanolens wasn't built for clout. We're built to explore communities via visual search. 
            But, try emailing us at so we can interview you.

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